Monthly Archives: October 2012

    • Ready to Horse Around at Lake of the Woods VA?

      The last time I rode a horse, it did not end well. And my last visit from a horse was “Charley,” alerting me to a blood clot in my calf after foot surgery! Being a determined person, however, I am making a vow to once again “horse around!” Carolyn McFarland, Manager of the Equestrian Center, […]
      Written by Patricia Licata
    • Falling for the Lake…Again!

        As much as I look forward to, and love, the spring and summer activities at the Lake, fall truly is my favorite season. My first introduction to four distinct seasons was living in Denver, CO, as a young girl (prior to my cowgirl experience in Texas from which I still haven’t recovered). And I’ve […]
      Written by Patricia Licata